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Welcome to

Whole Brain Balancing

a practice dedicated to transformational change through emotional healing, psychological growth and spiritual awakening. Over a ten-year period in support of my own healing journey (see “About Paula”) I committed to developing a unique method combining three inter-related modalities. They include: PSYCH-K® balances to transform self-limiting subconscious beliefs; Trauma Healing to create a sense of felt safety; and DNA Activation to address ancestral trauma driving self-limiting beliefs. 

Paula Chiarmonte, MLIS

Preferred Facilitator,  PSYCH-K® International

How can Whole Brain
help you?

These quantum-level methods provide evidence-based solutions from recent breakthroughs in psychology, biology and neuroscience. I developed this approach for my personal healing and have witnessed hundreds of clients benefit as well. With the background of these practices as a sound foundation I support and foster profound, personal change.

As the foundational method, PSYCH-K balancing dismantles and dissolves accumulated layers of false beliefs, negative thoughts and embedded trauma. Formerly, using older generation change modalities was tedious and time-consuming. PSYCH-K’s new brain integration technique quickly and easily transforms the mind and brain.

Happy Family Whole Brain Balancing

When you blend rational thinking with emotional intelligence it results in self-empowerment and peak performance. Whole Brain Balancing offers you the opportunity to claim your divine inheritance of health, wealth and love while reducing stress and trauma, deepening self-compassion and awareness, managing conflict with greater courage, and achieving inner peace.


My Promise to you

Our unrecognized subconscious beliefs are what drive our conscious mind’s intentions, which is why techniques for meaningful personal change such as affirmations and positive thinking rarely work on their own. My goal for every client is to facilitate swift, deep, and permanent change in the subconscious mind, with "breakthrough" experiences that previously seemed unattainable.

Working together we can transform negative subconscious beliefs and trauma. As your advocate and ally, I work to facilitate the process that will empower you to realize your potential. You will discover and address specific self-limiting beliefs and transform the shadow emotions sabotaging your potential. As you clear these self-limiting beliefs, you will feel empowered by your true purpose in life and will naturally perform the actions required of you in order to move forward. Swift, deep and lasting change in both the brain and mind will release your full cognitive and emotional capacity!

Paula Chiarmonte

Dr. Bruce Lipton

According to Bruce Lipton, PSYCH-K is the most powerful subconscious change modality available today. Uniquely, it alone transforms our individual brain and mind, while addressing the superconscious to accelerate the evolution of humanity’s higher consciousness.

Bruce Lipton Lecture PSYCH-K
Bruce Lipton. The Power of the Mind.

Your beliefs determine your biological and behavioral reality. The secret to life is belief. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our life. PSYCH-K® is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level. PSYCH-K represents one of the most important, efficient, effective and rapid change processes on this planet today.

Bruce Lipton, PhD


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