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Couple Virtural Therapy Session Whole Brain Balancing


PSYCH-K® changes subconscious beliefs to align with your conscious mind’s intentions. This expands your latent potential to create an independent self, free of an outdated subconscious that was largely formed by others (in your early childhood). A balance can address any life challenge ranging from health, finances, relationships, spirituality, career, or trauma. My approach recognizes unresolved loss, grief and trauma which often originate from individual, ancestral and collective sources.

Please be aware, sessions do not treat or diagnose symptoms or disease.


I offer a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation prior to scheduling your sessions. 

Before we converse learn more about Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K®, a uniquely effective brain integration, and subconscious transformation modality. Please view Rob Williams’ video, The Psychology of Change, (see preview pane below). He explains the principles of PSYCH-K and demonstrates practices utilized in a session.

Please call or email Paula directly (910.795.9478 or to schedule a phone consultation prior to your sessions. 

Older woman therapy consultation

Videos to Watch

The Psychology of Change

Rob Williams

(View this Video Prior to Phone Consultation)

Rewrite Your MIND (40 Million Bits/Second)
"It Takes 15 Minutes"

Bruce Lipton

(View this Video after First Phone Consultation)

PSYCH-K Better Future.jpg

Session Preparation


Sessions are conducted either in person or remotely (online via Zoom). Distance sessions are equally effective as an in-person session, because the muscle testing method, when applied remotely, requires less time and expense (further explanation given at time of session). Being physically present is unnecessary because sessions are performed in the quantum field.


A session duration is typically between one to two hours. I schedule session periods for two hours, since they usually exceed one hour.  The first session always lasts longer than one hour. (Allow several hours post-session for relaxation and rest.)  Multiple sessions are scheduled a minimum of one week apart. Every one-hour session also includes emailed session notes and a fifteen minute follow up phone call. (Additional time is charged at $35 for every 15 minutes.)


Session fees are invoiced on PayPal, payable in full, one day prior to the session.

Single Session

(1 hour duration)

3 Session Package


(each session 1 hour duration)

5 Session Package


(each session 1 hour duration)


$150.00 per Hour

$125.00 per Hour

Package Fee Total $375

$120.00 per Hour

Package Fee Total $600

Session overtime fees (exceeding 1 hour) are $35 for each additional 15 minute time period.

Each 1 hour session is followed by emailed session notes and a 15 minute follow-up phone call.

Allow several hours afterwards for post-session integration.

Signing Disclaimer form

Disclaimer Form

Prior to your first session please read and sign the linked form.

Follow these Directions:

  • Click on the link, a new page will appear.

  • Read the document.

  • Sign the document online.

  • Key in your name and date.

  • Click on the red “agree” button to send it electronically.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

Rom. 12:2

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