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It’s exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful.

Adrienne Rich

Father and Son Embrace PSYCH-K


PSYCH-K borrows from Milton Erickson style hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), educational and applied kinesiology, and acupressure meridian activation theory. The term PSYCH-K is an abbreviation for “Psychological Kinesiology,” which utilizes applied kinesiology or muscle testing to directly access the subconscious mind via the central nervous system (CNS). This method interprets electrical signals from the CNS providing responses to simple statements, with binary (“yes” and “no”) answers. This subtle, yet precise, contact with the subconscious mind bypasses interference from the conscious mind, allowing subconscious awareness and perceptions to easily surface.

A PSYCH-K balance features two distinct events, occurring in both the brain and the mind. First, the conscious and subconscious minds communicate more easily than usual to effect deep change, while the superconscious mind exercises spiritual discernment. Second, equilibrium is established between the brain’s two hemispheres, yielding the “Whole Brain State,” which enables whole brain thinking. Increasingly, whole brain thinking is scientifically validated by contemporary research and current publications. Neuroscience validates the whole brain state with published neurofeedback and split-brain research studies.

Compared to other deep change methods available today, results of a PSYCH-K balance are unique. Specifically, transformation of the subconscious mind occurs in tandem with brain wave reregulation to balance both the brain’s two hemispheres. PSYCH-K balancing harnesses the brain’s innate neuroplasticity and the subconscious mind’s capacity to change. The benefits include reduced stress and trauma, deepened self-compassion and awareness, the ability to resolve conflict with greater resilience, and the realization of inner peace and relaxation.  


Every time trauma is healed, we restore a part of our past and make possible a brighter future for ourselves and succeeding generations. We transform separation, othering, and scarcity into relation, interdependence, and abundance.

Thomas Hübl

Trauma Healing

The foundation for trauma healing is the felt sense of safety. The relationship between trauma and feeling unsafe demonstrates how safety is the best medicine for trauma. Trauma healing aims to restore our capacity for compassionate self-awareness and renew empathic relationships with others.

Trauma is a highly intelligent response to an experience or event causing a sense of overwhelm that the body and mind cannot immediately feel or process. Unprocessed physical and emotional energy is stored in the body and mind. This trapped energy heightens our perception of feeling unsafe, and distorts our sense of reality and time. “Frozen” aspects of ourselves prevent us from responding normally to our environments, relationships and ourselves. The goal of trauma healing is to regain the original feeling of safety that was harmed, for full awareness of our body, mind and sense of time. 

Personal (individual) and transpersonal (ancestral and/or collective) trauma equally create disruptions in our genetic and epigenetic landscapes. Both types of traumas reflect individual, inter-generational and collective trauma imprints. Ideally, trauma healing reintegrates and resolves the original event because unresolved trauma negatively impacts our body, mind, brain, and soul. When the emotional impact of trauma remains unaddressed it may resurface in the subconscious mind, affecting attitudes and beliefs. 

Addressing past traumatic events with subtle energetic techniques (like PSYCH-K) can be highly effective. A non-verbal approach (i.e., apart from talk therapy) for trauma healing aims to prevent retraumatizing the brain. PSYCH-K features a balance designed to process traumatic events occurring in the past, present or future. Utilizing memory, imagination and movement to transform subconscious beliefs, the original event or experience is mitigated, either immediately or in stages. The degrees of trauma released are gauged by client feedback using a simple numeric scale, before and after the balance is performed, to provide evidence-based results.

Trauma Healing
Rosalind Franklin DNA Activation

By the turning of this wheel, karmic suffering repeats, and trauma is transmitted from one generation to the next - until it finds space and presence and clarity; until it is owned so that it may be healed. 

Thomas Hübl

DNA Activation

Connections Between the Subconscious Mind and DNA

My decade-long PSYCH-K® training and practice spurred me to investigate the interplay between the subconscious mind, trauma and DNA. My entry was learning about the elegant double helix DNA molecule as the building block of human biology and understanding how it plays an active role in elevating higher consciousness today. 

Two revelations expose DNA’s potentiality. First, because a large percentage of DNA (95 percent) is programmable, it directly affects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual human nature. Second, since our human DNA was originally programmed for complete activation at this turning of the ages, realizing our full human potential is now within reach.

My research revealed distinct inter-connections between the subconscious mind, trauma, DNA and higher consciousness. I began deeper investigation into DNA by considering the possibility it might be capable of reprogramming like the subconscious mind. When I inquired further into similarities between the two, I found striking parallels. 

The programmable subconscious mind drives 95 percent of motivation versus the conscious mind’s 5 percent capacity to motivate. I found it intriguing that this same ratio is also reflected in the proportion of dormant DNA (95 percent), which was formerly dismissed by scientists as “junk”, compared to genetically coded DNA (5 percent). These similar ratios challenge common perceptions about the minor portion of each (a mere 5 percent) that is assumed to be responsible for dominant effects. The 5 percent of genetically coded DNA is hardwired with that innate coding, making it incapable of programming. If 95 percent of the subconscious mind is programmable (using cognitive technology) could the 95 percent of dormant DNA also be programmed (with high vibrational frequency)? If so, the frontier of full human potential is closer than we imagined.

DNA Activation
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