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Man started from an unconscious state and has ever striven for greater consciousness. The development of consciousness is the burden, the suffering, and the blessing of mankind.

C. G. Jung

Father and Daughter Whole Brain Balancing

Whole Brain Balancing 

with PSYCH-K®, Trauma Healing and DNA Activation 

Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K represents the practical application of Bruce Lipton’s scientific theory of epigenetics featured in his groundbreaking book, The Biology of Belief. PSYCH-K combines quantum physics, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and positive psychology for transformational subconscious change to achieve self-empowerment and peak performance. A PSYCH-K balance creates the “Whole Brain State.” Results transform subconscious beliefs while balancing the brain’s two hemispheres. The various PSYCH-K balances include one specifically designed to effectively address trauma non-verbally while providing benefits of the whole brain state.

Since studying PSYCH-K® directly with Rob Williams and Bruce Lipton in 2011, I have witnessed profound benefits from sessions, both personally and with clients. Pioneering the discovery of epigenetics, Dr. Lipton proved human cells are not controlled by genes. Rather, cells respond to internal and external environments, especially to subconscious beliefs programmed in childhood. His new biology of intention provides a theoretical basis for PSYCH-K. Founding PSYCH-K in 1988, Rob Williams provided access to self-empowerment skills with transformational and subconscious change, lending an innovative approach to traditional psychotherapy. These two scientific and psychological breakthroughs catalyzed humanity’s current ascent into higher consciousness. 

Multi Generational Family Trauma Healing

Trauma creates scarcity. Trauma healing creates generosity.

Thomas Hübl

Trauma Healing

Living through the protracted global pandemic activated much of humanity’s collective trauma layers. On top of that our individual and ancestral trauma is being reactivated. Traumatic distress potentially leads to fear, inflexible thinking and survival-based reactivity. As we transition beyond the pandemic to our post-pandemic world, we must deepen our ability to think clearly for better understanding of ourselves and others, sustaining our emotional resilience.  

Healing the brain and body from trauma requires an experiential and embodied process. Experiential means the process is consciously perceived, by the mind/the intellect and in the body; embodied means the body’s central nervous system undergoes a subtle but significant change. Trauma healing also involves brainwave reregulation and muscle memory recovery. Brain wave activity results from neurons firing; reregulation of brainwaves changes the firing patterns of neuronal networks. This process rewires neurons holding “frozen” or unprocessed thoughts and emotions. The body’s “muscle memory” also recovers from its original, traumatized state of overwhelm. Resting and restoring the nervous system during this process is critical, especially in uncertain and transitional times.

Life’s challenges are ongoing. Our reservoir of resilience is key to thriving in the face of adversity. Both emotional and relational awareness are crucial resources enabling us to endure continued, difficult circumstances. Wisdom, compassion and courage are required individually and collectively to help us best respond to and navigate the transition to a post-pandemic world. The ability to monitor our emotions, perceptions and thoughts is a skill that is vitally important for us to thrive. When we perceive accurately and think more clearly it enhances our ability to pause and check in with ourselves during our day and make adjustments before moving on. It is also essential that we engage regularly in activities that enhance our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual resilience.

DNA Activation

With the possibility in mind that 95 percent of our DNA might indeed be programmable (see "Services") I expanded my practice to include DNA Activation. Through study and personal experience, I discovered that DNA recoding generates synergies between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These involve levels of the cellular (epigenetics), psychological (subconscious transformation), intellectual (neuronal reintegration), and divine (superconscious expansion) realms. 

Importantly, through the DNA Activation process we can identify ancestral roots of trauma transferred inter-generationally, an inheritance that can cause personality fragmentation. Since trauma is transmitted through family lineage from one generation to the next, the ancestral stream is key. 

Redressing trauma may uncover denied or rejected aspects of the psyche. When exposed these fragmentations reveal the “shadow” personality that typically haunts our psyche. Psychological shadow elements emerge in childhood, during the subconscious programming period between birth and ages 7 to 8 years old. When left unaddressed in adulthood they reinforce and reflect self-limiting beliefs.  

I studied Trauma Healing, DNA Activation and Spiritual Emergence with Thomas Hübl, Acurda Melchizedek and Dr. Emma Bragdon respectively. Thomas utilizes somatic (body-based) and contemplative methods to address individual, inter-generational and collective trauma. Acurda is course instructor of Becoming a Holographic Human from Cell to Soul and within that framework, a DNA architect. Dr. Bragdon is an integrative mental health pioneer, having studied with Stan Goff at California’s Esalen Institute.

Woman Calm Thinking DNA Activation
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