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The Silent Battle: Addressing Trauma with Holistic Psychotherapy in North Carolina

Updated: May 22


Trauma is a silent battle that many individuals face. In North Carolina, the struggle is palpable; numerous residents grapple with the aftermath of post-pandemic traumatic experiences. However, amidst the quiet suffering there lies hope. Holistic trauma healing utilizes non-verbal methods that feature rapid and enduring change. They use movement, feelings, thought, and higher consciousness to address common emotional issues. Two popular examples are EMDR AND EFT. Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K® is a next generation, deep change modality representing the practical application of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s epigenetics science. Epigenetics demonstrates that our beliefs (especially in the subconscious mind) directly affect human biology and behaviour, more so than our ancestral DNA.

Contemporary trauma healing methods also recognize there are interrelationships among the three types of traumas; individual, ancestral, and collective trauma. An overwhelming experience that “floods” the nervous system characterizes Individual Trauma; arresting normal physical, psychological, and emotional development. Ancestral Trauma is inherited from family systems’ unresolved inter-generational dynamics, shaping the beliefs and behaviours passed down to its future generations. Collective Trauma violates fundamental human rights and occurs globally in cultural, social, geographic, economic and institutional settings.  All trauma types represent grave ethical transgressions against humanity. Ultimately, compensatory justice is required to restore compromised individual dignity, fractured family cohesion, and abuse of cultural identity.



Understanding the severe impact of trauma is crucial to comprehend while considering the benefits of holistic trauma therapy. Traumatic events occurring among individuals, families, and communities cause disempowerment and isolation. Ongoing effects result in trauma symptoms affecting the body, brain, mind, and spirit. Almost three-quarters of all adults have experienced childhood trauma that is proven to adversely affect their health and lifespan, in later life. Traumatic experiences often leave lasting imprints on an individual's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Symptoms such as isolation, flashbacks, hypervigilance, and emotional numbness can significantly affect daily life. Today, when the prevalence of PTSD is notable, addressing these issues through holistic psychotherapeutic interventions is paramount.



North Carolina’s picturesque landscapes, benign climate, robust economy, and vibrant communities often mask its resident’s silent struggles. Beneath the surface facade, however, many individuals suffer from the debilitating effects of trauma and PTSD. Whether stemming from collective trauma (military service, natural disasters, or global tensions), ancestral trauma or individual trauma; the negative impact is profound. Addressing these deep-seated wounds with trauma healing allows individuals, families and communities to reclaim their dignity.

Access to holistic trauma psychotherapy is a vital solution for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Recognizing this need, Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K® pioneers an innovative approach to trauma, utilizing transformational subconscious change.  PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitators approach trauma recovery with non-verbal and somatic (embodied) techniques to foster individual, familial, and community resilience.

Somatic trauma therapy methods restore the original sense of safety that trauma ruptures; while reintegrating the body, mind, brain, and spirit. The journey towards healing from trauma and PTSD is deeply personal and requires a genuinely holistic approach. Fortunately, the healthcare and wellness industries flourish in North Carolina, providing a wide range of trauma recovery therapeutic options, including transformational subconscious change with PSYCH-K®.



Innovative approaches to trauma and PTSD feature advancements in rapid subconscious change methods and brain integration techniques. Neuroscience research proves the brain’s two hemispheres function differently. The right brain uses emotions and intuition; the left brain uses reason and logic. Optimal brain function features balance across both hemispheres. While stress and trauma cause brain hemisphere imbalance; the Whole Brain State restores hemispheric equilibrium. Results include clearer thinking, at the conscious mind level; and deeper emotional awareness, at the subconscious mind level.  A PSYCH-K® balance generates the Whole Brain State, by combining deep subconscious change with brain integration. While re-establishing equilibrium across the brain’s left and right hemispheres; this state simultaneously synchronizes the conscious, subconscious and super conscious aspects of the mind. The Whole Brain State results in aligning subconscious motivations with conscious mind intentions for peak performance.

. Increasingly, there is growing recognition and scientific validation for accessing the subconscious mind directly in the trauma process. PSYCH-K® is an abbreviation for the term, psychological kinesiology because it utilizes applied kinesiology (muscle testing), to directly access the subconscious mind this approach recognizes the symbiotic relationship existing between the body and mind.

Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K® quickly and easily transforms self-limiting subconscious beliefs formed in childhood; utilizing evolutionary biology, positive psychology, and neuroscience. While the conscious mind accounts for only five percent of our intentions, the subconscious mind drives over ninety-five percent of actual motivation! Because our subconscious beliefs that shape our behaviours are culturally conditioned in childhood; as adults, these outdated programs must and can be changed. How can we easily access and transform our subconscious programming when it functions like a gatekeeper to resist change? A PSYCH-K® balance establishes equilibrium across the brain's left and right hemispheres, while directly accessing the subconscious mind; to rapidly release self-limiting beliefs.



Amidst the silent battle to identify and address trauma and PTSD in North Carolina, utilizing transformational subconscious change and brain integration provides hope and healing for trauma survivors. Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K® features individually tailored and scientifically proven methods to provide trauma and PTSD survivors with options on their journey toward recovery. Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K® understands the importance of addressing trauma healing and recovery with compassion, expertise, and innovation. Preferred PSYCH-K® Facilitators are committed to advancing north Carolinians’ trauma recovery to successfully navigate the path toward healing.

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